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The briefintroduction of Yong sheng Mining and Metallurgical The original name of Jiang Xi Yong Sheng Mining and Metallurgical CO.,LTD is Xin Yu city Industry and Trade CO.,LTD(it is founded in November 1998).It is named Xin Yu Yong Sheng industry CO.,LTD in 2006,and then its name in Jiang Xi Yong Sheng Mining and Metallurgical CO.,LTD.There are one factory whose name is Vanadium Ferroalloy Factory,and four subsidiaries:Qin Zhou Yong Sheng Manganese CO.,LTD,Shan Xi Jiu Zhou Mining CO.,LTD,Shang Hai Yang Tian Import and Export CO.,LTD and Xin Yu Yang Fang industry CO.,LTD.
Yong Sheng Mining and Metallurgical is a economical entity which can produce vanadium of the ferroalloy and manganese of the ferroalloy,develop the mineral resources,produce the steel furnace,do foreign trade,do logistics storage and manage pluralistically.Through developing rapidly for many years,it has made the good enterprise’s economic benefits and social benefit.It has obtained various bonus and multiple honors which are given by provincial government,municipal government,the Administration for industry and commerce,Revenue department and Technological superintendent office.It is honored”First class supplier”by many iron and steel enterprises.It has gotten the authentication of”three standards and one body”.It is the key private enterprise of Jiang Xi..